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Richard Wyckoff Method to Trading the Markets Course

If you have been following our blog, you would have seen that we've forecast many recent tops and the successful trades. We are successful because we study  the  market's most basic structure which is demand and supply and t rade  along side smart money, and also in harmony with market trends. W e do not apply any special or black box system.   In our upcoming course happening this weekend, I'll be personally coach you on how to  combine Technical Analysis and Wyckoff Method to  analysis and spot high probability trading/investment opportunities. In addition to the knowledge, participants will receive propitiatory technical tools to simplify the trading process and will continue to be mentored in our closed Telegram group.  Further details and registration link as follows. Richard Wyckoff Method to Trading the Markets Course Date: 20-21 Oct 2018 (Sat-Sun) Time: 10AM - 5PM Venture: SGX Centre, Singapore Course Fee: SGD599.00 Link: HERE Following is Charles

Gold Exhibiting Bullish Character

Gold price is exhibiting characteristics of the Wyckoff's Accumulation Phase. You may notice that the downtrend line (stride) has been broken and price consolidated, with its lows getting higher. Other observations include price rally on higher vol and reacts with lower vol, which leads to FFI's improving momentum. Meanwhile, technical indicator MACD is also displaying bullish momentum. A break above the resistance line, is likely to see gold trading into the Mark Up phase. Funds following into gold as bond and equities markets get sell off, and with political tensions adding into the equation? Cheers. Disclaimer Applies.