I'm Brandon, a senior stockbroker at a local securities firm and also a professional trainer with Singapore Exchange (SGX) Academy. Holder of Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) with over 10 years experience in the financial industry.

This blog aims to share how private traders can forecast price and trade in line with the market and smart money by applying Wyckoff principles and simple technical analysis techniques.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

DBS Expecting Mark Down

DBS Expecting Mark Down
Today, DBS broken below our signal line (Red). We are expecting further mark down as both our Relative Strength indicator are displaying bearish signs.

Our indicators, RS Indicator is below zero, this denotes that stock is trading weaker than the market. 

Fund Flow Index (FFI) indicates that in recent trading, demand is much weaker than supply, supporting the bearish claim.

Both RS and FFI indicators are provided to our course participants (no subscriptions required).

Also, with the above proprietary market demand and supply indicators interpreting bearish signs, it helps support a stochastic trader trading the bearish crossover signal.

DBS (Hourly Chart)
Our Wyckoff class participants will also learn to develop skills of a trader by reading market demand and supply using the Wyckoff Method. 

Learning to identify different phases of a price cycle and recognise signs of demand or supply such Buying Climax (BC), Secondary Test (ST), and Signs of Weakness (SOW).

In conjunction with SGX academy, join us this weekend in our Richard Wyckoff class. Learn to read market demand and supply, and trade in harmony with markets and smart money.

Info Link: Richard Wyckoff Method for Trading the Markets

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Effective Technical Analysis Forecast Review

Effective Technical Analysis Forecast Review
During our August 2019 Effective TA class, we analysed STI as a class together using simple principles and tools of technical analysis.

Amid all the trade tariff, Brexit and HK unrest, market traded in line with our analysis. I believe the key to analysing the markets is knowing the indicators and when to apply them

Join us in our next session of Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting, where will we learn and apply the founding concepts and tools of Technical Analysis and forecast where STI is heading next.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

ComfortDelgro Trading towards Trendline

ComfortDel (C52)
Price marked up this after Public Transport Council (PTC) announced that fares are expected to increase up to 7% for 2019.

On the charts, Price traded back to previous low of S$2.40 which proofs to be a support price for ComfortDelgro.

Currently, stock is outperforming STI as Relative Strength indicator is above zero which is a preferred candid for Long trades.

With momentum indicator MACD turning bullish, we are expecting price to retest its downward trend which is a a fibonacci 38.20% retracement level.

Stop loss for trade analysis is S$2.42

Public transport fares may increase by up to 7%: PTC - CNA

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Geely Auto Trade Follow-up

Geely Auto (175:HK)

Geely traded according to our pplan, price reached our 1st TP zone at HK$12.70 this morning before coming off.

If price able to break above HK$12.75 will then expect price to trade towards HK$14.10, if not when price reached HK$12.75, traders can consider profit take.

Join Us on 2 Sept (Monday) to learn how Wyckoff Method can assist on our chart analysis and trading mindset.

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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Geely Auto Expecting Further Upside

Geely Auto (175:HK)

Price marked down since May 19. Today, we saw price broke above its mid term downtrend trend line which gave expectations that there is strength in the Mark Up.

Bullish divergence observed in MACD and FFI, provided technical evidence that the mark down is weakening.

We expect Geely to trade towards first resistance at HK$12.75 with next target at HK$14.10.

Geely Auto released its quarterly earnings report on 21 Aug. Company also has exposure in car makers Volvo and Daimler.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Amazon (AMZN)     
Failed to break above its Upward trendline on 3x attempts.   

Negative relative strength and FFI indicator potentially points to stock's further weakness.   

1st target price at US$1,760 and 2nd target price at US$1,675.   

Break above US$1,835 will falsify the above analysis.

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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Effective Technical Analysis Class Forecast - Expecting Short-term Bullish Bias

Straits Times Index

We held our latest Effective Technical Analysis class on 7 Aug. Above is the chart we analysed together after the class.

STI is trading nears its channel low with momentum indicator MACD also trading nearing its lows, we have expectations that selling is likely to exhaust. 

Thus, we have a short-term bullish bias on STI, with alternative bias of STI breaking below Channel

Wishing all great weekend ahead.