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Richard Wyckoff Method Course SkillsFutures and IBF-FTS Funding approved

Richard Wyckoff Course is now SkillsFutures and IBF-FTS Funding approved. In conjunction with SGX Academy, our next course will be on 14-15 Dec 2019.  The Course introduction session will be held on 3rd Dec 2019. More Info

Trading the Markets with DLC

I'll be sharing on the trading techniques for DLC at SGX Auditorium on 27 Nov. Do join us if are interested to learn more about DLC and trading with DLC. Link to registration

HSI Expecting Bullish Trend Continuation

Hong Kong govt unveiling new economic stimulus again this month to support the economy as Hong Kong falls into recession. Markets is suggesting that the stimulus is working well. HSI broke above its downtrend line with positive momentum and positive flow. We HSI expect to trade towards 261.8% Fibo level at 27950-28000 level. However, a break below 26,500 level will falsify the analysis. Blog Disclaimer applies.