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ThaiBev Expecting Further Strength

ThaiBev (Y92) Price broke out of its re-accumulation zone that started since early Sept, it continued to mark up with Bullish character (Rally with increased volume and react with low volume).  Supporting the market are Relative strength showing outperformance against the market and technical indicator MACD displaying positive momentum. 1st target level will be at S$0.95 resistance.  Stop price at 10D SMA (10 days simple moving average) Disclaimer applies.

Hang Seng Index (HSI) and Straits Times Index (STI) Technical Outlook

Its has been a challenging period for market participants, with the on-going Brexit negotiations and US-China trade talks. Following are the links to the market technical Week Ahead reports I did for the Singapore Exchange (SGX) active traders. Hang Seng Index (HSI) Straits Times Index (STI) SGX Active Traders And here's a snap of my recent session coaching traders and investors how to incorporate market technicals into their trading and investment process.

Chinese Markets Favour Lower Rates Too..

US Fed Fund Rate Vs Shanghai Composite Index For traders, trading HK and China markets. Interesting. Did an overlay between US Fed Fund Rate and Shanghai Composite .  Lower interest rate environment provides positive returns on China equities market, at least for the short-medium term. One explanation would be the economy's debt ratio against its GDP as shared by Reuters in July 2019. China's debt tops 300% of GDP, now 15% of global total- Reuters

Genting SP Expecting Strength

Genting SP Genting SP saw strength today breaking out of its downtrend line with its Relative Strength indicator trading above zero, thus outperforming the market. FFI is also showing positive fund flow Thus, there is expectations that Genting has exited its Mark Down phase. 1st Target: S$0.95 2nd Target: S$1.00 Stop: 10DSMA Trailing Stop Genting SP Expecting Strength   by Wyckoff_Trader on Disclaimer Applies.

Gold in Re-Accumulation?

Gold Gold   is expected to be trading in re-accumulation instead of distribution in view of a "Spring" event. Spring is a exhaustion of supply, indicating demand is expected to be back in control. A breakout from the creek (resistance), we will expect  Gold   to trade further. 1st TP  : 1,550 level (Previous high +2.618% Fibo) 2nd TP : 1,600 (Whole Number Effect + 4.236$ Fibo Level) Stop     : 1,460 (Spring Low) Gold in Re-Accumulation?   by Wyckoff_Trader on Disclaimer Applies

Effective Technical Analysis Class - 9 Oct 2019

To build the foundation of technical analysis for spotting trading opportunities and how to enhance your investment decision making process with technical analysis.  We are holding the Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting class this Wednesday at SGX Centre.  We will also be forecasting together on Straits Times Index (STI) probable direction in the upcoming months. Link to Registration and  More info . Class: Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting Date: Wednesday, 9th Oct 2019  Time: 7-10pm Venue: 2 Shenton Way,  SGX Centre

Short-Term Bullish Bias on US Indices

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) DJI (4hrs) formed a hammer after touching its current uptrend line. With the next candle breaking above the hammer's we have expectations of demand more than supply . Thus, we have short term bullish bias that DJI will trade upwards to test its Gap at 26,420 level which is also a confluence of the 50%-61.8% zone. Stochastic indicator has also exited its oversold zone which potentially signifies a momentum reversal. A break below the low of the hammer will see further downwards move. Short-Term Bullish Bias on US Indices   by Wyckoff_Trader on Disclaimer Applies.

BlackRock Trade Review

BlackRock (BLK) BLK came off -3.07% during last evening's trading.  Trade and forecast was in line with market supply and demand.  Trailing stop for trade is 10SMA (Simple Moving Average). Disclaimer Applies.

BlackRock Experiencing Weakness

BlackRock (BLK:NYSE) In short summary. Our Wyckoff system screener picked up BlackRock as Short candidate.  Stock experienced a change of Character and is expected to enter Mark Down.  With price trading weaker than market ( RS below zero ) and FFI (Fund Flow Index) entering outflow territory , these are some supporting evidences that supply is expected to pick up from here. Technical indicator is pointing towards bearish momentum, exiting overbought zone. Stop lost above current high. Disclaimer applies.

DBS Expecting Mark Up

DBS (D05) DBS broke out above our Market Swing Trend Line (10SMA), with Relative Strength stronger than market performance, we are expecting further Mark Up for DBS. 1st target price at S$25.60, a confluence of previous resistance and its downtrend trendline. Funds may be buying Trump's tweet that a trade deal is sooner than expected. Trump says trade deal with China could happen sooner than people think  ( Reuters Link ) A break below S$24.59 will fasify the analysis. Disclaimer applies.