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SG Banking Sector: US banks received "Ang Bao" from US FED this morning after US trading hours. Having passed the 2nd Stress Test, the Federal Reserve has approved plans for U.S. banks to use their extra capital for stock buybacks, dividends and other purposes beyond being a cushion for credit crisis, according to Reuters report this morning. The optimism spilled to Asian market this morning. Following is my technical analysis on DBS .  Fed gives big U.S. banks a green light for buyback, dividend plans (Reuters) Disclaimer applies.


Secura (43B): Potential Mark Up Technical Observations: Secura has been trading in the Mark down stage since earlier March 17. Selling volume during the period were larger than usual. However the enormous selling volume begins to ease off as the stock touches S$0.135 level and begin trading rangebound with accumulation behaviour. The stock has been trading in range bound for about 2 months before seeing a recent increased in trading activity. The above provided us with technical reasons of a potential mark up with 1st target at S$0.15 and 2nd targe at S$0.16. Fundamental Observations: The company has announced that it has secured its first security service contact in the semiconductor industry on 22 June 17. Semiconductor is "The Industry" at the moment with global tech and semi-con industry booming. The increased buying activity may due to investors' expectation of improved earnings and future contracts from the semi-con industry. Caution: - The company is 

Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Index (TWSE)

The TWSE continues to trade with momentum, despite Panama cutting ties with Taiwan in recent politcal development. Taiwan's multiple year rally is mostly powered by the outperforming technological stocks. The technicals trading momentum remains strong with the monthly MACD continue to slope upwards and a long white body on its most recent candlestick. Thus, this provides us with technical supporting observations that the index has a good chance of trading towards the upper end of the index's linear regression line. Traders can gain acess to TWSE via ETFs tracking the index. Disclaimer applies.

Noble (Short Squeeze)

Today, we saw Noble Group traded up +S$0.15, +48%, closing at S$0.475 with news of company obtaining 4 months extension to their current credit facilities. Please don't be misunderstood that the company has turned around because of a credit extension. Personally, the company is still nowhere near to a turnaround. Its bonds due in 2022 traded continue to trade near its low of 37/39 US cents on the US, while its credit default swaps continues to imply a high default probability of 94 per cent. Source: Business Times, 19 Jan 17 Noble Group today experienced what we call Short Squeeze, in Technical Analysis. Eager shorters scumbling to cover back their shorts at all means. They could be human traders, robots or both. A look on the technicals of Noble Group, we observed that the stock experienced  Climatic Selling in mid May, with the stock trading rangebound thereafter. This implies that sellers are weak with inability to force down the share price further. The credit exte

Weekly Trading Watchlist

Following are charts of new stocks potentially in re-accumulation zone and stocks that has break out (Line Change) recently. Great Trading Week Ahead! Stocks Broke Out (Line Change): 1. Boustead Project 2. Centurion Stocks in Accumulation Phase: 1. OUE 2. Oxley

What Traders do during the Weekend?

By Brandon Leu, CMT Weekend is a great time to relax, exercise and clear your mind from the markets, keeping yourself fresh for the new week ahead. However, do make some time for some "backend" activities to grow as a trader. Here is a short list of them. Prepare for the week ahead Read up on major events or news that shaped the market the previous week. And watch for major events in the upcoming week. This reduces surprises or allow the trader to have an understanding of the current macro environemnt. And of course, analyse the charts for the week ahead and probable trade set-up. What's Important: Preparation and planning takes up 80% of a trader's time. Traders trade their plans. Traders do not trade on hunch or tips. Strategy and Trades Review Review your trades, check if you have traded according to your plans or if any part of your planning or trading process can be further improved. Also review your trading method/strategy for further impr

Pre-trading Week Watchlist

Following are charts of stocks potentially in re-accumulation zone. And also is a list of stocks that has break out (Line Change) recently. Great Trading Week Ahead! Stocks Broke Out (Line Change): 1. Frenken 2. Sunright 3. Boustead Project 4. Hupsteel Stocks in Accumulation Phase: 1. Liang Beng 2. JSH 3. Global Logistic Prop 4. CityDev 5. Centurion 6. Chasen Strictly not recommendation to trade. Disclaimer Applies.


Japfa (UD2): Potential Mark Up Technical Observations: The stock has been on Mark down since Feb 17. However, in mid May we saw likely climatic selling as trading volume hit 5-6 months high. In recent trading, we saw improving volume, whic provides us with technical reasons of a rebound towards the accumulation zone high of S$0.58 with 2nd target at S$0.66. Probable Trade Set-up: E: S$0.56 S: S$0.52 T: S$0.58 / S$0.66 R/R Ratio:  0.5x / 2.5x Disclaimer applies.

Live Trading Monday Session at SGX

I was invited by SGX to demonstrate live trading and present my methodology at its auditorium. It was a full house event and the session was very engaging with quality discussions. We learned: - The psychology and trading process for Intraday and Swing Trading - How to make use of all available retail tools to for intraday trading - Introduction to Wyckoff Method for Swing Trading - Technical views on Mineral, Oil and Gas (MOG) Sector - Technical views on global indexes Join our FB Group, Wyckoff Swing Trading (Brandon Leu) for get a copy of my presentation slides.

Best World

Above is my view on Best World. Disclaimer applies.

My View on Global Indexes and ETFs

Following on my technical views on major indexes and popular ETFs during my presentation on LIVE TRADING MONDAY at SGX. GLD US$ chart looks interesting, Long-Term Downward Trend line broken with momentum improving (Pesonal View).

Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting Workshop

TA is more than just overbought or oversold. For those who are new to Technical Analysis or are existing users receiving conflicting signals from your technical indicators. I've organised a short TA workshop this July, where I'll share the proper and correct application of Technical Analysis. And also the mindset to possess for effective TA. Following link on details of the workshop: ‪ Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting Workshop


My View on Singtel. Disclaimer applies.