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New or existing traders or investors who like to refresh your technical applications, do join us at our regular Effective Technical Analysis class on this Thursday. Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting Class Date: Thu, 21 Feb 19 Time: 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM Venue: SGX Centre, Academy Room 1 (2 Shenton Way) Click on the link below for more details.  

Bullish Case for Bitcoin

BTC Exhibiting Signs of Accumulation 1 year after BTC price plunged from its US$20,000 high to a recent low of US$3,215.20, now we are seeing technical evidence of  accumulation by the smart money is in progress . Above is an illustration of Accumulation Zone of the Wyckoff Price Cycle. We are watching very closely for price to cross the creek (est. US$4200 level).  A break above the level, we deem that price has proceeded into the Mark Up Phase with 1st objective at US$5,800. If creek is not crossed, a break below US$3,190 will falsify our Accumulation zone analysis. Join us in our FREE Introduction to Richard Wyckoff Seminar to learn more about the method and how the method add value to your market timing analysis.