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Japan Nikkei 225 Experiencing Further Downward Bias

Nikkei 225 Index   is expected to re-test its distribution range low  at 20,400 level. The level is  also a previous  support level. Supporting Claim for Downward Bias:  - Index Broke below its Uptrend Line (stride)  - Uptrend line has turned into resistance for index (  Bearish  )  - Experienced 2x Upthrust (Failure to maintain new high). This potentially means that smart money is distributing at premium levels as "Breakout" traders buy in strength. 20,400 Level Objective based on:  - Previous support established in Mar 2018  - Fibo 1.618% projection  If  Nikkei 225   Breaks Below 20,400 Level:  - Distribution Phase is deemed established and index will enter into MARK DOWN phase   - Next objective will be 19,000 level.  Having a Wyckoff Price Cycle concept in mind helps traders see the market from a structured prospective.  Join us in our U pcoming Class in conjunction with SGX Academy, to learn the  Richard Wyckoff principles, analysing and trading in

Germany DAX Expecting Mark Down towards 9,800

DAX After almost 2 years of consolidation .  DAX   is currently in Mark Down phase. Index broke a significant upward  trend line  last week. We will expect Mark Down continue towards 9,800.  9,800 target was established based on:  - 2.168% Fibo projection  - Previous Resistance-turned-support  - Whole Number (Close to 10,000)

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

The Wyckoff Price cycle consist of four phases, Accumulation, Mark Up, Distribution and Mark Down . Each phase has a series of distinct characteristics to help traders identify where they and how they should trade in harmony with the market and smart money. Here's an analysis of world's most watched index. Yes! the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and what we have observed and expecting.  DJIA has entered into the Mark Up phase since consolidated (Re-accumulation) in late 2016. 1) The average hit a high in Feb 2018, consolidated and retested the high again but failed. This is one of the most common sign of a Distribution Phase , which we term it as Upthrust (UT) failure.  2) Next, the average made another bearish indication by trading below uptrend line (stride) in recent months. This is NOT a character of Mark Up (Bullish) phase. 3) We continue seeing large sell offs, more often then rallies during the consolidation (possible distribution phase). This is a Be