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China Construction Bank (939:HK) Expecting HK$7.20

China Construction Bank (939:HK) Applying our proprietary relative strength indicator and fund flow indicator , we are seeing 939:HK back in favour by smart money. China Construction Bank has been facing selling pressure after multiple reports stating concerns on China's debt issue and slowing economy. However, we are experiencing demand from smart money, at least for the short term with first target at HK$7.20. Are the smart money expecting positive outcome from this week's US-China Trade Talk or will China be introducing more stimulus and monetary easing? Join Us in our FREE event to learn more about Richard Wyckoff method and how we trade the markets combining our proprietary tools.

Singapore Traders Summit 2019

Glad to be part of the presenting team at the upcoming Singapore Traders Summit 2019. Presenting alongside Daryl Guppy , creator of GMMA indicator, Kelly Clement , CEO of Metastock and Rahul Mohindar, creator of RMO system. I'll be presenting our Wyckoff trading process, and how we streamline the methodology using algorithm and technical analysis applications to identify favourable trading conditions and high reward-to-risk trade zones. Join us at the event.

FREE Seminar: Enhance Your Market Timing with Multiple Time Frame MACD

MACD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence , is one of the few technical indicator that measures both the price trend and price momentum of a stock. In our upcoming seminar I will explain MACD and how to trade in harmony with the markets by applying it in multiple time frames. Enhance Your Market Timing with Multiple Time Frame MACD Date: 29 Feb 2019 (Tues) Time: 6.30pm-7.30pm Venue: UOB KayHian Auditorium ( Map ) Registration:  Free

Gold Price - Update

Gold has reached out target price of 1300 after breaking out accumulation since we posted the forecast on 19 Oct 2018. There is no distribution characteristics observed such as climactic selling (SC) or Upthrust Failure (UT). Thus, we have technical reasons to believed that price is currently in re-accumulation zone . A breakout (Sign of Strength) from the 1300 level will see Gold price trade towards next resistance at 1350.

Straits Times Index (STI) Forecast with Students

[Straits Times Index (FTSE STI) Forecast] The following STI forecast was done up together with participants during our 7th batch class last evening.  "We expect index’s down trend momentum to be halted and begin trading sideways within 3100-3200 zone. And with alternate bullish bias for the index to trade towards 3300-3350 resistance zone ." Applause to the group, especially those who just learned about TA last evening. Join us at our next Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting class in Feb 2019.

Which SG Bank to Long?

US-China spat has caused fear in the markets, bringing down global equity markets. Our 3 banks suffered the same faith with institutions taking a Risk Off stance. But 1 bank stood out recently by breaking out of its down trend stride (line) and trades in sideways range as compared to the other 2 banks which are still within the downtrend channel. Yes! its OCBC. Reason why? We may not know. As Richard Wyckoff shared with us about a 100 years ago, we may only truly know the reason of a market move months later.  Thus, if you are bullish about the market or banking sector, OCBC should be the leading bank to consider in view of its trading compared to the other 2 banks. We are watching OCBC 11.60 closely, a breakout from this level will confirm potential further upside, with 1st target at S$12.00-12.20. Identifying relatively stronger stocks is never simple, it requires experience, drawing trend lines accurately and defining the basis of strength. In our Wyckoff trading