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Trump Considers Delisting Chinese firms from U.S. markets -

S&P500 dropped  -15.8pts after US President Donald Trump announced that he may consider de-listing Chinese firms from US markets. Trump Considers Delisting Chinese firms from U.S. markets - Reuters Do overall Chinese stocks listed on US markets have impact on investor sentiment or do US companies have close business relationships with China economy and companies? Whichever reasons may be, above chart shows that weakening of Chinese listed US Companies, is definitely a not a good thing for US markets.

Technical Analysis Seminar at UOB Kay Hian

Our monthly Technical Analysis Seminar at UOB Kay Hian.  We taught participants how to recognise market structures and identify primary trend and Secondary trend to trade in line with market swings.

DBS Trade Follow Up

DBS (D05) - Traded in Line with Analysis, Early Profit Take Price has traded as analysed. However, as FFI, Fund Flow Indicator, is diverging from price action. We would like to profit take early despite price has yet to reach target price. FFI diverging generally means flow (price with volume action) is not support of price trend, thus denoting that trend may be weak.

BTC Entering Mark Down - Levels to Watch

Bitcoin (BTC) News Link:  Bitcoin crashes 15% to below $8,000 for first time since June BTC broke below US$9,000 early this morning. It's expected to enter Mark Down after distribution sighted.  Here are some of the key levels to watch for rebound (as stated on chart). In view of key Fibonacci level 161.8%, BTC may expect retracement rally at current 8,400 level, watching for price divergence. Disclaimer applies

CSPC Pharm (1093:HK) Seeing Signs of Accumulation

CSPC Pharma (1093HK) Over the Weekend, we had our Richard Wyckoff 2-Days course where we learn to identify price cycle and recognise trading opportunities. In Wyckoff terms, Price do not reverse overnight, but there are signs of demand and supply  reversal .  Recognising this reversal helps investors to reduce the risk of catching a falling knife and traders to trade in harmony with the market forces. CSPC Pharma is showing signs of accumulation as describe in the chart. You may study it in closely, it will help to train you in recognising how supply and demand reverse and what are the signs. But do w atch out for our next class and let me guide you in recognising price cycle and trade in line with market demand Supply, along side smart money. Disclaimer Applies.

DBS Expecting Mark Down

DBS Expecting Mark Down Today, DBS broken below our signal line (Red). We are expecting further mark down as both our Relative Strength indicator are displaying bearish signs. Our indicators,  RS Indicator is below zero , this denotes that stock is trading weaker than the market.  Fund Flow Index (FFI) indicates   that in recent trading, demand is much weaker than supply, supporting the bearish claim. Both RS and FFI indicators are provided to our course participants (no subscriptions required). Also, with the above proprietary market demand and supply indicators interpreting bearish signs, it helps support a stochastic trader trading the bearish crossover signal. DBS (Hourly Chart) Our Wyckoff class participants will also learn to develop skills of a trader by reading market demand and supply using the Wyckoff Method.  Learning to identify different phases of a price cycle and recognise signs of demand or supply such Buying Climax (BC), Secondary Test (ST

Effective Technical Analysis Forecast Review

Effective Technical Analysis Forecast Review During our August 2019 Effective TA class, we analysed STI as a class together using simple principles and tools of technical analysis. Amid all the trade tariff, Brexit and HK unrest, market traded in line with our analysis. I believe the key to analysing the markets is knowing the indicators and when to apply them .  Join us in our next session of Effective Technical Analysis and Market Forecasting, where will we learn and apply the founding concepts and tools of Technical Analysis and forecast where STI is heading next. Link to Previous Post

ComfortDelgro Trading towards Trendline

ComfortDel (C52) Price marked up this after Public Transport Council (PTC) announced that fares are expected to increase up to 7% for 2019. On the charts, Price traded back to previous low of S$2.40 which proofs to be a support price for ComfortDelgro. Currently, stock is outperforming STI as Relative Strength indicator is above zero which is a preferred candid for Long trades. With m omentum indicator MACD turning bullish, we are expecting price to retest its downward trend which is a a fibonacci 38.20% retracement level. Stop loss for trade analysis is S$2.42 Public transport fares may increase by up to 7%: PTC - CNA Disclaimer Applies