Secura (43B): Potential Mark Up

Technical Observations:

Secura has been trading in the Mark down stage since earlier March 17. Selling volume during the period were larger than usual. However the enormous selling volume begins to ease off as the stock touches S$0.135 level and begin trading rangebound with accumulation behaviour. The stock has been trading in range bound for about 2 months before seeing a recent increased in trading activity.

The above provided us with technical reasons of a potential mark up with 1st target at S$0.15 and 2nd targe at S$0.16.

Fundamental Observations:
The company has announced that it has secured its first security service contact in the semiconductor industry on 22 June 17. Semiconductor is "The Industry" at the moment with global tech and semi-con industry booming. The increased buying activity may due to investors' expectation of improved earnings and future contracts from the semi-con industry.

- The company is trading at a negative EPS of -S$0.014/share.
- The counter is somewhat illiquid.
- The counter is trading below the required MTP of S$0.20.
- The Accumulation period is shorter than 3 months.

Probable Trade Set-up:
E: S$0.144
S: S$0.137
T: S$0.150 / S$0.16
R/R Ratio:  0.86x / 2.29x

Disclaimer applies.

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