DBS Expecting Mark Down

DBS Expecting Mark Down
Today, DBS broken below our signal line (Red). We are expecting further mark down as both our Relative Strength indicator are displaying bearish signs.

Our indicators, RS Indicator is below zero, this denotes that stock is trading weaker than the market. 

Fund Flow Index (FFI) indicates that in recent trading, demand is much weaker than supply, supporting the bearish claim.

Both RS and FFI indicators are provided to our course participants (no subscriptions required).

Also, with the above proprietary market demand and supply indicators interpreting bearish signs, it helps support a stochastic trader trading the bearish crossover signal.

DBS (Hourly Chart)
Our Wyckoff class participants will also learn to develop skills of a trader by reading market demand and supply using the Wyckoff Method. 

Learning to identify different phases of a price cycle and recognise signs of demand or supply such Buying Climax (BC), Secondary Test (ST), and Signs of Weakness (SOW).

In conjunction with SGX academy, join us this weekend in our Richard Wyckoff class. Learn to read market demand and supply, and trade in harmony with markets and smart money.

Info Link: Richard Wyckoff Method for Trading the Markets

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