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Richard Wyckoff Model for 
Investing and Trading the Markets

Often new traders did not realise that their unsuccessful trading outcomes derive from trading against the market trend and against the smart money unknowingly. The Wyckoff Model developed during the 1930s was intended to guide market participants to invest and trade alongside the current market trend. The model was developed by Richard D. Wyckoff, one of the largest Wall Street traders of his time. 

This course aims to impart the teaching of Richard Wyckoff coupled with modern technical analysis for both investors and traders. The course objective aims to provide participants with tools and knowledge to recognise foot-prints of market pulse and demand supply conditions, allocating resources in harmony with the markets.

You will learn short term trading strategies through applying Wyckoff Approach, recognising price cycle phases such as accumulation and distribution, thus identifying strongest risk/reward levels to open and close positions for short term trading and investing in a company stock.

Participants will also gain a good understanding of pre-trading preparations,  process flow and routine. This workshop is conducted in an interactive environment with class discussion sessions to gain the optimal learning experience. 

Course Introduction:
1) Determine overall market direction and identify trading opportunities that are in harmony with the market direction

2) How to identify market demand & supply conditions to determine probable future price trend 

3) Trading strategies and risk management techniques in both trending or consolidating market conditions

4) Develop structured mentality and an effective trading process flow that best suits each individual trader and investor

2-Days Course Date: TBA

Time: 10am - 5pm
Mentoring Dates: TBA
Venue: Online Course (Webinar)
More Info and Registration: TBA

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