Portfolio & Trading

Portfolio Management Strategy
Our portoflio focus on risk, 
managing risk while allowing portfolio return take its natural course. Portfolio are allocated in global asset classes denominated in USD,RMB and SGD. Portfolios are then adjusted in relation to the risk present in various economic and secular conditions.

Generating Alpha Strategy - Short-term Trading

We produce positive return by capturing predictive market anomaly with Richard Wyckoff Methodology. The method's principles and techniques focus on top down market approach and capture short term price momentum through identifying change of demand, supply and volume variables in single stock, indices and other asset classes.

Three Laws of Richard Wyckoff
Law of Supply and Demand
Law of Cause and Effect
Law of Effort and Result

Wyckoff's 5 Step Approach
Determine Present Position and Probable Future Trend of the Market
Select Stocks in Harmony with the Market
Select Stocks with a Cause that Meets your Trading Objective
Determine the stock’s Readiness to Move
Time your Commitments with a Turn in the market

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