Portfolio Management & Research

Portfolio Management (Long Term Investment)

We believe that managing money for the longer term the constant allocation of funds into asset classes that are in line with the probable macro trend.

This will be carried out by deriving an understanding of the current macro environmental factors and supported by evidence of data momentum.

Following is a graph on equity index (S&P 500) momentum, trending in line with one of its key macro factor (US ISM PMI), moving in cyclical order. 

Acquiring Alpha (Short Term Trading)

Noting from the above cyclical observations between both macro and equities index. We translate the cyclical behavior into price structure of individual stocks. Thereafter, we reduce the momentum data, take up positions that are in line with the price trend, where risk/reward ratio is the strongest.

The following are a few of the key price structures..

Image above: Price Cycle

Image above: Price Accumulation

Image above: Price Re-accumulation

Image above: Price Distribution

Image above: Price re-distribution

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