Halcyon - Short (Eduactional)

Technical View:
Long Term(6mths or more) : Bearish
Mid Term(1-6mths)        : Bearish (MACD Bearish Crossover)
Short Term(1mths or less): Bearish

Levels to watch:
Resistance 2: S$0.70
Resistance 1: S$0.65
Support    1: S$0.55
Support    2: S$0.50

Probable STI Movement
Preferred  : Bearish Downward movement towards S$0.55
Alternate  : Range between S$0.65 - S$0.55

Remarks: All 3 trends (Long, Mid and Short term) are not in the stock's favour.

Technical Terms (StockCharts.com):
Dow Theory
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator (MACD)
Moving Averages
Trend Lines
Support and Resistance
Rate of Change (ROC)

*Above comments and charting is for the sole purpose of Technical Analysis (TA) education. All disclaimer applies.

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