Agriculture Sector on Our Trading watch list

Above was shared in our Wyckoff telegram community earlier, alerting the community to keep watch on trading opportunities in the Agriculture sector. 

Market rallied this week. However, one sector stood out, yes, the Agriculture sector (Wilmar, Golden Agri, First Resources and Indofood Agri).

Second step of our structured 3-steps approach (Identify Sector & Stock with Strong/Weak Relative Strength), we learn to identify trades in sectors that are moving and trade inline its direction, giving us a higher trading probability.

From the Agri stock's breakout, we have a strong conviction that the sector is seeing increasing demand (Demand>Supply=Mark Up or Trend Up) . 

What's the fundemental reason? It will always revealed to us weeks or months later. 

However, in the meantime, we will be swing trading in the sector till the fundamental reason is revealed.

Learn to trade in a structured process, inline with market and smart money, continue following us and join us in the upcoming Richard Wyckoff class (will be announced soon).

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