When to add SIA (C6L:SGX), technically Supply and demand are in a tug-of-war.


When to add SIA (C6L:SGX), technically

Investor enthusiasm spiked when Singapore Airlines (SIA, Stock Code: C6L) recently announced a net profit of S$2.16 billion for the fiscal year ending March, a remarkable rebound from a loss of S$962 million the previous year.

Yet, this optimism took a hit after Temasek Holdings offloaded approximately S$400 million worth of SIA shares in late June, which equates to a 1.85% stake, triggering a significant drop in the share price.

From a technical standpoint, SIA's stocks currently teeter in a neutral zone, caught in a tug-of-war between buyers and sellers vying for market dominance.

In summary, investors might want to consider increasing their stake in SIA if the share price surpasses S$7.49, as this would indicate that the technical Supply Gap has been filled. Conversely, if the share price slips below S$7.11, it may be wise to reduce holdings or abstain from purchasing shares for the time being. This is because trading below this key support level — a point marked by a high volume of transactions — suggests that sellers have gained the upper hand, and investors might find it prudent to stay on the sidelines during this period.

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